Monday, March 27, 2017

This That and the Other

It was a quiet weekend. I kept busy with tidying the house, doing the laundry, and baking. I chose the cupcakes Susan so kindly gave us the recipe for a few weeks ago and practiced frosting them. 

A friend tells me that I need a lot more frosting to get a full piping effect.

Time was also spent in the sewing room. One project completed and the other completed with troubles. So like me! I seem to have a tea cozy that won't fit even my smallest tea pot. How'd I manage that?! 

↓As for the bowl cozy...used all year round in the microwave for easy removal of hot food and protecting hands from hot bowls and/or for protecting hands from cold ice cream bowls...I'm showing one little tip. If one quilts it a bit, ironing is not necessary. I dislike ironing bowl cozies. 


Finally, I must have watched this little video 25 times. It makes me howl with laughter. You may well have already seen it as it went viral in 2013 and again last fall. (I live under a rock, which explains why I hadn't seen it until recently.) This is a real couple married over 50 years. His name is Jack; her name is Sonja. His line is "baked in a buttery, flaky crust." Can he say it? Not on his life. Sonja is definitely over invested in his success.  There's a hilarious ironic twist in the end. I watch it one time and just focus on Jack. The next time I focus on Sonja. So funny! Let me know if you've seen it (I want to know how far under the rock I am). I saw someone in Missouri claiming this video...nice try, but these two are quintessential Mainers eating at a truck stop that I love.

Thanks for popping in. Have a wonderful day!

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Psalm 37:37

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

One Incredibly Lazy Blogger

Of course, I am speaking of myself. I am blaming the cold, bitter cold of winter that has returned for my hunkering down under the blankets reading political commentary and fascinating things like that. The wind howls and I sink lower. I often don't even bother with meals, but today I made this treat for my afternoon snack. 

Appetizing, say what? I'll let you wonder what it might be. Do you ever make this snack? It's a lot faster than baking a cookie!

🍪 ðŸª ðŸª 
Earlier in the week, I started on a tutorial for my method of making bowl cozies because I make them differently from any tutorials that I have seen. 

I had fabrics and scissors and cutting mats and starch and padding and all manner of discussion on techniques, stitch length, etc. So sorry because I know that you're all hanging by a thread here, but I just didn't have the wherewithal to see it through.

Apparently, even the cactus is feeling lazy. One bloom. Just one. There'll be no more. I'm not sure whether to celebrate the one blossom or bin her for being a loafer.

If I can drag myself to your place, I'll be by later. If not, feel free to bin me for being a loafer.

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Update: Okay, not thinking clearly here this morning. (Must be the new snow.) If I had been thinking clearly, I would not have closed comments before I could make some thanking all those who took a guess on what exactly is on that slice of toast up there. There were many fun guesses from apricot jam to cinnamon sugar to apple butter. Anyway, unbeknownst to you, I was having myself a little contest to see who would guess correctly. I expected that I would have to draw names from a hat. Guess what? I don't. Only one person guessed correctly. Some persons did not hazard a guess at all. So what is on that toast?

Brown sugar. That's right. Just that simple. And no fancy concoction of it or broiling of it either. Just butter your toast as per usual and liberally sprinkle on the brown sugar and  press it on there with a knife as you would anything else. Hey! Don't knock it until you have tried it because it is yummy.  

So who is that one person to get it right? Mrs. T that's who! I am not sure what sort of happy mail she will be receiving, but some little something~something.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Maybe I Miss Downton Abbey, Et Cetera

As I write this, I am watching I Miss Downton Abbey. I'm only at PBS because I miss Victoria. In fact, I had no idea how much I missed Downton Abbey until reminded. Hope that Julian Fellowes is going to strike while the iron is lukewarm with a sequel or movie. 

Okay, this is not what I am here to tell you about today. I really wanted to chat a bit about my sister-in-law's and my wee adventure on St. Pat's Day. 

We had talked for several weeks about going out for lunch to a country store where they feature lots of booze, brick oven pizza, and a hip and happening everything visible pierced and tattooed staff. (What are people thinking? Are they really going to want those deformed ear lobes when they're 64? Do they really not like their skin?) We only knew about the brick oven pizza prior to our visit. I think Mary also wanted to see the house across the street (her great-nephew and John's recently bought the home). 

Mary had a general idea of where we were going. So did I except I am no good with road names and route numbers. We turned right when we should have turned left...twice! We resorted to asking Siri; she is not as helpful as she ought to be and yanked us around. Mary and I have lived in this area most of our lives, yet we managed to find a new road. If we hadn't been getting hungry, it might have been even more fun. It was certainly a pretty day for a drive.

Finally, we stopped at a country store and asked for directions. Well I asked because Mary made me. The clerk told me that she made brick oven pizzas, but that the place we were looking for was just on the top of the hill. Off we went and never found the top of the right hill for miles!  Maybe the clerk was piqued that I did not buy anything in her store.  

my leftovers~the tomatoes and onions were chopped finely and caramelized for subsequent meals

It was very crowded so apparently it's a popular place. One orders at the counter and then has a seat. The food is delivered to the table when ready. I ordered pizza and Mary ordered a Reuben sandwich. There were cookies for dessert, but I suggested that we could do some baking at home. So in a first, Mary and I baked together making my mother's recipe featured a post or so ago. Those cookies are truly special and we enjoyed them with tea. Mary wastes nothing if she can help it and just as the pan was going into the oven she shot a piece of dough onto the pan. When it came out, it had turned into a sheep! I kid you not. 

Mary Had a Little Lamb

So that's the story of our day and the most excitement I've had lately.


steps are down there somewhere

The boys came over Sunday afternoon to slide. Sam wonders if there'll be snow by the time April vacation rolls around. His father says "no" and I say "yes." We'll see. To put this into perspective, look out my kitchen window or at the sledding hill and my backyard. You can see why I'm skeptical.

I'll tell you what I really miss at this time of year...the sap buckets on my neighbor's trees. That maple syrup business had a tragic turn of events and are no longer in business. Have you seen any sap buckets lately? 


~in former years~

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Forgot to weave my new bouquet of carnations into this tale... I am certainly craving color these days.